‘Originally commissioned by the London Sinfonietta as part of Minimalism Unwrapped concert series, celebrating Terry Riley’s music’


Drowned In C originally conceived as a response to “In C” by Terry Riley, drawing inspiration from Drone music. The starting point for the piece was the way extreme digital time-stretching (specifically Paulstretch) transforms a piece to the point where it becomes unrecognisable; the notes are turned into long sustained drones, creating consonant clusters that slowly shift over time. In this piece I am reimagining an acoustic interpretation of this process.

Performed 10th January 2015
London Sinfonietta, Minimalism Unwrapped series, Kings Place, London
Performed 2nd January 2016
Ilan Volkov and the Israeli Contemporary Players, Tel-Aviv Museum, Israel 
Performed 29th September 2018
Hugh Brant and the London Contemporary Orchestra, BBC Radio 3 Open Ear

Written for:

Chamber Ensemble: Vln, Vc, Al.Fl, B.Cl, Ob, Hn, Trb
Duration: 7 minutes